Teaching writing to 21 very different people at very different levels can be a challenge, but I try to make sure no one is getting off too easily, and also that no one is feeling too frustrated. One of the strategies I use to help students have the time they need to create a product they can be proud of is to give students a number of days outside of class to finish their assignment even after we've moved on during our actual class time.

For example, today in class we are moving on to our next unit, but the short stories aren't due until the beginning of the day this Friday.  My hope is that students will use that time well, and not just wait until Thursday night to pump out their story.  Of course, if they do wait, hopefully there is a valuable lesson learned there as well.

Also, just so you are aware, I told all of the students to assume they are going to have technology problems so they should not be waiting until Friday morning to try to print their papers.  I told them to pretend their story is due Wednesday or Thursday so they have time to solve any problems that might arise.

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