Don't forget what you've already learned about research:
Check out this video from Common Craft on how to find what you want on the internet efficiently.

Here are some search tips:
  • Search with keywords, not questions.
  • Imagine what words will be on the site you would like to find.
  • You probably want to ignore the advertised sites at the top.  They paid to be there.
  • Words like of, the, a, and in are usually left out of your query.
  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases.  For example, searching for sand sharks will look for those two words in any order in any places on a website, but "sand sharks" searches for that exact phrase in that exact order any place on a website.
  • Sort your Google search results by reading level.
  • Use a search engine that automatically gives you reliable results like Sweet Search

If you want to use the Information Gathering sheet that we've used in the past, you can download it here:
File Size: 16 kb
File Type: docx
Download File

Also, check out a student-oriented research engine called InstaGrok.

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