This week is going to be a huge opportunity for those students who are behind on their website research to get caught back up.  

The schedule for our research project is broken into three weeks.  One for research, one for writing, and one for web design.  This week, we are moving on to the writing section of the project, but some students aren't finished with the research phase yet.  The good news is that since we have SATs this week, we will have less homework than normal so students will have more time to do catch-up research at home.  Also, we won't be working on our website every day, so if students are behind they have extra out of class days to catch back up without getting behind as fast in class.

To know if your child might need a little nudge at home, just ask to see their gathered information so far.  You can also look at the mid-research reflection blog post and ask them how each of the items on that list is coming along.

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