Most students were able to show off their Anything Projects today.  It was so great to see what kids will create if their teacher will just get out of their way.  Everyone worked hard and created such different products.  It's amazing to see how God has gifted all of us so differently.  

Here's a recap of what we saw (or will see soon)!

Nolan - wrote and recorded a new song
Amy - made a scrapbook on Paris
Jadyn - made a magazine with recipes, horse facts, and basketball tips
Jessica - wrote a short story
Brennan - wrote a "simple, but advanced" textbook for kids on particle physics
Kameron - created a website on BMXing
Gavin - wrote a book of baseball tips
Ben and Petr - created an activity book with an assortment of different activities
Micah K. - made a claymation video
Mariah - wrote a short story
Connor - developed a balloon animal show
Austin - designed a freerunning website
Micah M. - made a comic that instructs people on how to play raquetball
Sam - created a cookbook and cooked for the class
Cameron - wrote a short story
Micah R. - wrote a political speech
Carter - created a gaming website from HTML
Alayna - made a scrapbook on Italy
Natalie - created a website about her experience with cooking for her family
Chloe - created a family recipe book

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