This week has been great for our design projects.  In groups of three, the students brainstormed problems in our school and then invented real-life designs that would solve those problems.

In a few weeks, they will be pitching their design ideas to some "venture capitalists" who will be coming to hear their presentations, so each group is preparing now to persuade these investors to invest in their design.

Yesterday, students designed polls so they could compile statistics that would hopefully support their claim that their invention is needed.  Today the polls were in and the students had to figure out how to make sense of them.  All groups figured out on their own to represent their findings in the form of a fraction, but then we decided we needed to convert that fraction to a percentage.  It was great problem solving, and great team work.

Tomorrow we will start drafting a business letter to the venture capitalists using our statistics and other persuasion techniques we've seen in advertisements to convince them to come to our class. 

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