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Happy Friday!
Remember, your test is over not only chapter 13 (WWII), but also section 12.3 (WWI).  Make sure to study both.

Your two essay questions will be:
1)  Explain three differences between Democracy and Communism.
2) Explain one cause of WWII.
Thank you, parents, for all of the time and effort you've put into making this year a success. As a small thank you, the teachers would like to honor all parents who volunteered throughout this year next Wednesday morning from 8:30-9:30.  There will be food and coffee, fellowship and fun!  Please consider coming so we can thank you for making BCS such an amazing school.
Just a reminder that this Thursday at 9am we'll be having the 6th grade Coronation Ceremony!

Please meet in Taylor Swedberg's classroom, we will try to begin promptly.

If you are not able to attend, please let myself or Mrs. Aslan know so we can receive your child's box in your place.

The Requirements:
All of the story arc must be present
Your story must be told from the first person in the form of journal entries
Your story must be at least ten entries long
Must be set during WWII
You will use at least one symbol in your story

The Options:
Your journal entries may be poetry if you choose
Your story can be as long as you like
Think about including literary devices to make your story more interesting 
5th Grades, use these sites for your country research.
  1. Yahoo! Kids
  2. National Geographic
  3. Infoplease 
  4. Worldbook 
Some students have still not finished their websites.  While I can appreciate taking the time to do a great job, it will be in the best interests of everyone to make sure their websites are finished tonight or the weekend after the retreat.  On Monday we will be starting our final writing project.  It won't be too hard, but I would rather students didn't have to worry about completing two writing projects at the same time right at the end of the year.

Check with your child and if they haven't turned in their website yet, consider encouraging them at home to finish as I support them here at school.
Student websites were due this Monday and most students have completed theirs.  About a third of the class is still working to create a great product.  If a student hasn't turned in their website yet, that's okay!  We talk about how some people need a bit more time (for a variety of reasons) in order create a great product.  When they receive feedback on their website, we recognize that they didn't meet the deadline, but separate from that, we can also recognize the quality of work they created regardless of its timeliness.

Click the big orange "Student Websites" button on our classroom website to see a list of completed websites and check out what different students have created.

Finished websites receive written feedback from me in the form of a rubric, which is based around the expectations of the project.  They also receive a more personalized audio recording from me about what works on their website and what could be improved.  The audio recording is emailed to each student's school email account.

All students are welcome to take the feedback they receive and improve their work.  If they are interested in this, they should turn back in their rubric as well as a write up of what changes they made.
Parents, tonight your child will be presenting you with a Gatekeeper Contract as part of our Relationships with Integrity curriculum.  Look it over with your child, sign it, and have them bring it back tomorrow.  Thanks!