Reading Blog Update


Parents, please be sure to check in with your child on how they are doing with their reading blog.  

Last week, was our mid-trimester check and a number of students reported having read between 0-500 pages and also that they were not on track to meet their goal.  Students had an opportunity to revise their goal, which some did, but my hope was that for most students it would be a wake up call.

The expectation for 6th grade is to read 1,500 pages of grade-level reading per trimester and respond to each book that is finished with a blog post.  I understand that for various reasons 1,500 pages is not reasonable for some students, and that's okay!  That's why each student has taken time to set personal goals that make sense for them.

So at the end of the trimester, some students will be able to say that they worked hard and met their reading goal, but they didn't meet the 6th grade expectation.  As long as the student set a good goal for themselves, I think they should be satisfied with that result.  Perhaps they'll increase their goal a little bit for the next trimester.

However, some students have set goals that are lower than the 6th grade expectation and haven't really done anything yet to meet that goal.  Every sixth grade student should be reading regularly.  That might be 10 pages a night, 30 minutes a night, 5 nights a week, or maybe they plan to read extra on the weekend.  The idea is that everyone has made a goal and knows what they have to do to reach that goal.  No one should be reading nothing.

If you have any questions about the reading blog expectations please let me know.  I'd much rather help now than at the end of the trimester when it's too late.

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