Today and tomorrow you will be joining forces with three classmates to do some "Lightning Research" on your assigned topic.  You will have only 75 minutes (two class periods) to create a slide presentation to show the class on Monday.

You may choose how to organize your information, but you may want to try one of these formats:
- Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
- Important Things, Interesting Things
- A Timeline of Events
- Some Combination of the Above

The Rules:
  1. Everyone contributes.
  2. You may use only words the first day.
  3. You may add images and video the last 30 minutes of the second day.
  4. You may work on formating and appearance the last 15 minutes of the second day.
  5. You may work on images, video, formating etc. on your own time as much as you want.

The Groups:
Pearl Harbor - Luke, Rebecca, Jake, Alyssa, Andrew
The Nazis and Hitler - Cam, Stephanie, Ciera, Jacob, Megan
The Holocaust - Austin, Abby, Conor, Abbie
D-Day - Tanner, Sam, Kelly, Anna
The Atomic Bomb - Sydney, Kendra, Bryce, Sharon
FDR - Shania, Josiah, Jordan, KJ

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