This week we started researching the people and events of the Revolutionary War period.  Right now your child is gathering information about their topic.  Some students have had a great start and others will need some encouragement at home.  At first glance, the "Research Gathering" sheet might look pretty confusing, but for as much time as I've spend trying to make it clearer, I this is the best I can do.  I'm happy to help if you have questions, but most of the students do seem to understand the format.

Here's what your child should have at this point:
  1. Library books checked out from the library
  2. Three logical topics chosen (These will later be the three body paragraphs.  For example, if I was researching the Battle of Bunker Hill, my three topics might be be Causes of the Battle of Bunker Hill, The Battle, and After the Battle.  If I was researching a person, my topics might be Early Life, Family Life, and Major Accomplishments.  Of course, these aren't the only way by any means.)
  3. Three resources written down for each topic (At least one must be a library book.)
  4. About 1/3 of their research done (Maybe one of three topics is complete and the other two are empty, or maybe 1/3 of each topic is complete.)
  5. Facts should be written in keyword outline form (This if frustrating to some kids, but I think it is very important for a number of reasons, so this format is important to follow through on.)

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