I learned last night in Dan Pink's,  A Whole New Mind that Richard Bransen and Charles Schwab both cite their dyslexia as the secret to their success.  In fact, self-made millionaires are 4 times more likely than everyone else to be dyslexic.  Why?

According to Pink, "Dyslexics struggle with... linear, sequential, alphabetic reasoning at it's core.  But as with a blind person who develops a more acute sense of hearing, a dyslexic's difficulties in one area lead him to acquire outsized ability in others."

He continues, "Dyslexics think differently.  They are intuitive and excel at problem-solving, seeing the big picture, and simplifying..."

This got me thinking about how God made everyone uniquely.  Everyone's brain is wired a little bit differently and we all have things that are just harder for us.  My question is, how might our weaknesses be steering us toward our strengths?  How might you tackle a project differently (and perhaps better) than those around you because the traditional way doesn't make sense to you?


12/10/2010 11:06pm

Yes, you're right. I'm angered.
I think there's a conspiracy out there in the cyber-world against me.
I mean. Seriously!
Oh well.

12/14/2010 11:06pm

You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.

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