Last week, started reading a new book called Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  It is a very different book than our previous read.  It is a serious historical fiction book dealing with themes of racism, love for family and how to deal with injustice.  

I encourage parents to check out a copy from the library or borrow your child's book and read along.  It is an extremely well written book and I'm sure you'll appreciate it, but more importantly than that you may want to help guide your child through some of the issues it raises.  We have taken and will continue to take a lot of time in class discussing these issues, but a teacher isn't a parent.

One of the controversial choices the author, Mildred D. Taylor, chose to make is to include the "n word" at times in her book.  Her intended audience is young adults, but she doesn't shy away from the harsh truth of our past.  You should know we don't use this word in class and if it comes up during read alouds, we just say "n".  We will continue to discuss it though.  What does it mean?  Why would she use it in a book for young adults?  Should she have used it?

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions, or if you would prefer your child was reading an alternate book.


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