Sixth Grade Only:
Each student to bring one box of your favorite cereal.
Seventh Grade Only:
Students with last names ending in A-L bring one bottle or carton of 100% juice. Students with names ending in M-Z bring one gallon of milk.
Eighth Grade Only:
Each student to bring four pieces of fruit of your choice. Please bring in a plastic bag.
 Sleeping Bag and pillow
 Outdoor snow clothes (Remember extra socks). PLEASE LABEL THESE. Each year gear gets lost or taken by someone else.
 Indoor clothes
 Toothbrush and toothpaste
 Journal and pen
 Bible
 We may do a sunrise snowshoe hike, conditions permitting. If you would like to come along, bring snowshoes or $4.00 to rent snowshoes.
 Camera (if you like)
 Leave all electronic devices at home (cell phones are ok to bring)
 Leave snowboards and sleds at home. We have enough provided by The Firs.
 Board games you would like to play. (optional)

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