Seekers, Spirits in the Stars 304 pgs.

 I finished this book, by Erin Hunter, about a month ago. It's about 4 bears who have been on a great journey and must save the wild before every last living animal is dead. One of the bears, Urajk, is very useful because he has a special power that allows him to change from one animal to the next. He has many opportunities  to do this, and has saved his friend's lives many times.                 

I really like this book but at the end it gets really sad cause Urajk dies saving his friends. I like that the author put some emotion in the book but I wish she hadn't had Urajk die. Urajk was like almost the whole reason that they had gone on the journey in the first place. He knew that he was going to die but the others didn't believe him. That part kind of reminds me of Jesus and how he died to save us! He told his disciples that he was going to die but they didn't get it. That's exactly what Urajk did for his friends.                           

I really love this book, but not just this book. This is just the last in a whole series so I would recommend those first! I love the authors way of writing. It's so adventures and funny and sad all in the same time! 

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