Today is the mid-point check to make sure you are on track to meet your reading blog goal.  

Students, complete this survey to let me know how you are doing.  Parents, be sure to ask your child tonight about their reading blog.

For everyone's reference, the independent reading expectations for the 1st trimester of 6th grade are as follows:

Exceeding Expectations
I showed deep inferences and applications that go beyond what was taught like writing exceptionally insightful responses to 2,000 pages or more of grade-level reading per trimester.

Meeting Expectations
I wrote insightful responses to 1,500 pages of grade-level reading per trimester.
I didn't make any major mistakes.

Making Progress
I showed some understanding, but made these mistakes:
  • I wrote mostly summaries of the books I read, and didn’t include enough of my own thoughts.
  • I read less than 1,450 pages.  (0-100, 101-400, 401-1000, 1001-1,449)

With Help
With extra help, I showed a little bit of understanding of at least some of the expectations.  My mistakes are circled above.

Not Yet
I didn't demonstrate this expectation.

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