Take a look at some of the topic sentences below.  Remember, a topic sentence has a topic and a main point, and that main point should be as specific to the paragraph as you can make it.
An effective topic sentence might say something like:
New Netherland was started by the Dutch, but eventually fell to the more powerful British.

An ineffective topic sentence might say something like:
New Netherland: A colony with history. 
Look at some of these examples below. Which ones work well?  Why?

  1. New York was first settled by the Dutch, then later taken by England.
  2. Henry Hudson set sail in his ship.
  3. New Netherland was a huge part in history.
  4. There are many interesting things that happened in the history of New York.
  5. The story of the happenings of New York.
  6. Despite going through many trials, New York still became a great colony
  7. The start and end of New Netherland.
  8. New York had lots of events take place on it's land.

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