For various reasons, a number of students will need to work on their business letter over the weekend.  The intention of this post is to give students and parents all the resources they need to be successful.

Video Instruction
The last few words of this video are cut off and there a few grammatical errors.  Normally, I would take the time to correct these, but I don't have much time right now and I wanted to get these tools in your hand as soon as possible.  Thank you for your understanding.
Content of Letter
•Introduce self/group
•Introduce design
•4/5 SCOPE

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Example Paragraphs
These paragraphs are not perfect, but they are a good example of how to structure your business letter paragraphs and give you ideas of how you might communicate your ideas.

Introduction Paragraph
Hello, my name is Randy Johnson & my invention is  the Quick Fabulous Hair. (QFis a fantastic idea because it reduces wasted time in the precious moments of people’s mornings. the QFH briskly dries wet hair quicker than any other products with its special suction devices. Additionally, it brushes the hair in a way so there is no pull or pain even in the most tangled hair. And furthermore the QFH has a very simple control pad for choosing a unique style.Lastly I invented this because I wanted to help other people and myself save time, effort in the morning and leave home looking fabulous. This highly efficient product has proven itself to be useful as seen from the responses of the public. Therefore, statistics and comparisons will also prove to you this really works wonderfully.

Body Paragraphs
Statistics and comparisons show that the QFH works effortlessly and everyone loves it. To begin with 92% of the people surveyed said it worked outrageously well and it made their hair look and feel noticeably  more shiny and stylish. Also it makes doing your hair so much less of a hassle by fixing up the hair so quick with no pull or pain with the super soft brush. It can do all kinds of horribly tangled hair.Lastly,  this is way  less expensive than buying so many individual and harmful products, and it saves you so much storage space. Who wouldn’t want that?! Clearly, statistics and comparisons prove that this works extravagantly well, but predictions from what experts might observe say that too.

Predictions, experts, and  observations show that this is quit useful and unique.Well first off, I think everyone will be buying this along with you because it makes life easier and saves you so much.I guarantee nobody will turn back to the terrible old ways they’ll all be getting what’s new.Likewise, some of the greatest stylist  say they have never seen anything like it that actually works like its advertised, and doctors say the chemicals are absolutely harmless because they are all-natural. Finally, Kari Dickerson, being one who always loves a trustworthy hair styling products for a good price uses this everyday. She has never been late or delayed for anything for taking too long doing her hair since she received it. In conclusion,this is the best of the best hair styling products around proved by observations of people, smart expert testimonies, and realistic predictions,even though there may be some who are skeptical about it abilities.

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