For various reasons, a number of students will need to work on their business letter over the weekend.  The intention of this post is to give students and parents all the resources they need to be successful.

Video Instruction
The last few words of this video are cut off and there a few grammatical errors.  Normally, I would take the time to correct these, but I don't have much time right now and I wanted to get these tools in your hand as soon as possible.  Thank you for your understanding.
Content of Letter
•Introduce self/group
•Introduce design
•4/5 SCOPE

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Example Paragraphs
These paragraphs are not perfect, but they are a good example of how to structure your business letter paragraphs and give you ideas of how you might communicate your ideas.

Introduction Paragraph
Hello, my name is Randy Johnson & my invention is  the Quick Fabulous Hair. (QFis a fantastic idea because it reduces wasted time in the precious moments of people’s mornings. the QFH briskly dries wet hair quicker than any other products with its special suction devices. Additionally, it brushes the hair in a way so there is no pull or pain even in the most tangled hair. And furthermore the QFH has a very simple control pad for choosing a unique style.Lastly I invented this because I wanted to help other people and myself save time, effort in the morning and leave home looking fabulous. This highly efficient product has proven itself to be useful as seen from the responses of the public. Therefore, statistics and comparisons will also prove to you this really works wonderfully.

Body Paragraphs
Statistics and comparisons show that the QFH works effortlessly and everyone loves it. To begin with 92% of the people surveyed said it worked outrageously well and it made their hair look and feel noticeably  more shiny and stylish. Also it makes doing your hair so much less of a hassle by fixing up the hair so quick with no pull or pain with the super soft brush. It can do all kinds of horribly tangled hair.Lastly,  this is way  less expensive than buying so many individual and harmful products, and it saves you so much storage space. Who wouldn’t want that?! Clearly, statistics and comparisons prove that this works extravagantly well, but predictions from what experts might observe say that too.

Predictions, experts, and  observations show that this is quit useful and unique.Well first off, I think everyone will be buying this along with you because it makes life easier and saves you so much.I guarantee nobody will turn back to the terrible old ways they’ll all be getting what’s new.Likewise, some of the greatest stylist  say they have never seen anything like it that actually works like its advertised, and doctors say the chemicals are absolutely harmless because they are all-natural. Finally, Kari Dickerson, being one who always loves a trustworthy hair styling products for a good price uses this everyday. She has never been late or delayed for anything for taking too long doing her hair since she received it. In conclusion,this is the best of the best hair styling products around proved by observations of people, smart expert testimonies, and realistic predictions,even though there may be some who are skeptical about it abilities.

Reading Blogs


Open your reading blog, then fill out this survey to let me know how you're doing.

Then, do a blog post that:
1) Tells me that you are starting the second trimester, and
2) Lets me know what your goal is for the second trimester.
Officially, reading blogs were due today.  However, a number of students waited until the last night to write their blog posts and now they need to be re-written in order to receive credit.  Any re-written blog posts must be turned in by 8am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.
Don't forget to bring food for the food drive tomorrow!  It's our last day and we'd love to be able to give a lot of food to the food bank.
As you begin getting ready to persuade investors to invest in your design, think about its features and benefits.  Be sure to include both in your pitch!


1.  A car uses Pandora to listen to music.

2.  These shoes come with extra insulation.

3.  This car gets 35 miles per gallon.


1.  You don't have to carry bulky CD's.  You have access to a much wider music selection.  You'll be able to find new music easily.

2.  Your feet will be warm!

3.  You save money and don't have to stop at the gas station as much.
Just in case you haven't been in awe of our God lately, check out these time-laps videos taken from the international space station.
Today is the last class day we'll be using on the Canada poster before it's due.  My hope is that most students can turn it in before Thanksgiving break so that it can be a true break from school.  However, if some people need extra time, the official due date is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (the 27th).  The expectations for the poster are listed below.

Use your art skills to add interest and meaning to the name of your province.

Think of a catchy phrase that will stick in people’s minds and highlights what is great about the land in which you live!

Use the resources available to you (your textbook, your map book, encyclopedias, the internet, etc…) to create a hand drawn map of your province or territory.  Your map must include labels for at least five places in your province.

What facts about your province will help you show the brand you are creating?  Create at least two fact/picture combos on your poster.
Design solves problems.  Here are some great examples of designs that solve problems. What problems do they solve?  Are they complex or simple?
My mistake!  Originally I had our history test next Tuesday, thinking it would be the second day we were back after the weekend.  However, since there is no school next Monday, we'll have our history test on Wednesday and use Tuesday to review in class.
As we near the final due date for reading blogs, we need to remember that the middle paragraph of your blog post will include a claim supported by specific examples from the text.  A number of students are making claims, but not providing examples.  They might say it is a suspenseful book with out giving an example of a suspenseful part, or maybe they make a claim about a character like, "She is always sneaking around," without providing a specific example from the book of that character sneaking.

In other words, if you are going to make a claim, you need to prove that it's true with examples.  Otherwise, your reader has no reason to believe you!

The following two example blog posts need to be re-posted because they make claims but don't support them with specific examples.

A Long Way from Chicago, Pages 196

     A Long Way from Chicago By: Richard Peck is a story about two kids who go and visit their Grandma every summer. And every summer something new happens. I finished the book on
     I think that an interesting thing that Richard Peck does is he keeps you coming back for more! Like how he uses Joe's point of view to make you wonder what Grandma will do next! And he will make you very suspenseful if you read this book! Richard Peck is a good author at suspense.
      I think that this book would be a great book for 3rd graders and up because it's just a really good book for kids! I would really recommend that you read this book! Thanks for reading!:)

A Long Way from Chicago, 148 pgs.

       A Long Way from Chicago, by Richard Peck is a fun and exciting book. I finished this  book in October.
      For example, a interesting character in this is defiantly Grandma! This book is defiantly exciting because she is always up to something and always has a plan! One of my favorite chapters in this book is the first chapter because you really get to know the characters and get to find out that grandmas always got a plan. This book  is totally a fun book because it isn't all one big story, each chapter is its own story. My favorite part about this book is the way Richard Peck makes the characters act and how there is a bunch of different storys and how Grandma gets herself into problems and trouble.
      I would recommend this book to fourth grade and up. But what do i have to day if your younger and at a higher level of reading go for it:)  

These following example was counted because it supports its claims with specific examples from the book.

Along Way From Chicago, pgs.160

         Along Way From Chicago, by Richard Peck, I finished this book in  October. This was a very suspenseful book!
            Richard Peck did an awesome job with writing this book. It was full suspenseful. this book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! One way it was suspenseful was when grandma asked Joey to go get her gum boots and so he went to the shack. He went to go pick up the boots when he stuck his hand in he felt something furry he thought it was a spider but was a kitten. Richard Peck didn't say right off the bat that he found a kitten we had to wonder what it was! That's why I thought it was suspenseful!!
            I would recommend this book to everyone! It was funny and suspenseful. I loved this book!  READ THIS BOOK!!