Yesterday, we learned about how transitions help connect ideas together.  Sometimes they connect similar ideas, sometimes they connect different ideas, sometimes they let us know that an example is about to be given, and sometimes they let us know we are summing up an idea.

At this point, many students' use of transitions are a little messy.  They're a little unsure if they're doing it right.  That's okay, and parent perspective of which transitions work and which ones sound awkward is helpful!  All students have a Transition Helper, but if they lose it there is one that can be downloaded on the Helpful Tools page.

Below is a broken up paragraph we worked on in class.  It is a model students can follow as they add transitions to their own writing.

Washington State has a little bit of everything for every kind of person!
For example, Washington has great geography;
It is home to incredible sunsets resting behind peaceful ocean waves.
In addition,
People ski on mountains, surf at the beaches, and pick apples and cherries in eastern Washington.
On the other hand, Washington has very strong industry for people.  For instance,
Microsoft, with its great jobs, competitive salaries, and fun work environment, has its campus in Washington.
In the same way,
Boeing is a large airplane manufacturer that employs a number of Washington citizens.
However, there is lot of cool history in Washington like
                              - or -
Yet Washington’s history is very interesting.
                              - or -
However, history is also a big part of Washington.
                              - or -
However, we could not be here without history.
                              - or -
Regardless of how great the businesses are, Washington’s history is just plain cool.

Starting August 13th, 1805, Lewis and Clark documented many encounters with
Indians in the Pacific Northwest. 
They were largely a mystery to the people of the US. 
Washington became the 42nd state to enter the union.
Washington is a great place full of beautiful sites and a rich history.  Come visit us!

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