This year, the theme of the Anything Project is "Excellence and Experiments".  The idea is that for the next week and a half you can work to create anything you want... a story, a research project, a stop motion video, etc. The catch is that is has to be done excellently.  Pick something that God has gifted you in and do it as well as you can, free of specific expectations and restrictions by your teacher.  Have fun, work hard and be creative!

Or... you might rather try an experiment.  Maybe instead of doing something that you're really good at, you decide to try something new that you aren't so sure about.  You're experimenting and seeing what you might be capable of creating.  Maybe it won't be excellent because this is the first time you've tried it.  That's okay!  Let yourself be okay with taking a risk!

Some ideas we came up with in class are:
  • political speeches
  • video games
  • book on balloon animals
  • movie
  • something with physics
  • music
  • song
  • short story
  • cookbook
  • game book
  • football play book
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • research
  • magazine
  • website
  • poetry
  • blog
  • book of pranks
The only expectations are that you are working hard every day and that you are finished by the end of class next Wednesday.

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