Yes, your 6th Grader now has a Google account set up through BCS.  We haven't used it for much yet.  In fact, we're still spending a fair amount of time just trying to remember our passwords and spell "" correctly.

Today we started to create blogs as well.  As we slowly get set up I just wanted to keep parents in the loop.  Ask your kids about their account, get their password, double check that they aren't using their last name anywhere (as we've talked about in class repeatedly), and let me know if you have any questions or concerns along the way.
Chantel M
9/27/2011 04:32:12 am

Would it be good to share with parents about google reader? Just added your blog to mine and this will help me to stay up to date for whenever you post. Other parents may not know about this. =) Love that you do this blog!!! Thanks for taking the time to post to it!

Mr. S
9/27/2011 06:41:26 am

Hi Chantel,

I figured if people needed google reader they would already know about it, and if they didn't need it, they might be overwhelmed with too many options. Thanks for the tip, though. I use Reader every day!


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