We're getting closer to the end of the trimester, so make sure to be checking out your grades in Sycamore.

Due to the long Thanksgiving weekend, we will not be doing spelling tests the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the weekend after.  That means we have already had out last Spelling test of the trimester.  If your grade isn't where you want it to be, then see if there are any practice spelling tests that you are missing that you could turn in, and also make sure to do really well on the final vocab quiz(es) of the trimester.

In History, we also won't have any more tests, but we will have more daily work.  Be sure to get in any new assignments on time and check to see if you are missing anything that you can turn in.

Finally, in Reading, make sure to be posting to your reading blog and checking to make sure I've read it.  Check now, not the last day of the trimester.  The last day of the trimester will be too late.  If I haven't commented on a blog post, I haven't seen it yet.  If I haven't written "Count it" somewhere in your comment, it doesn't count yet. 

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