Right now are working on our SCOPE business letters.  SCOPE is an acronym used for the five tools of persuasion we are using in class right now: stats, comparisons, observations, predictions, and expert testimony.

Today and tomorrow we are finishing up the drafting process for these letters.  Understandably, different students are at different points in the process.  Some are writing longer letters than others, and some are slower writers than others, and all of that is okay.

The expectation, though, is that every student will have the first draft of their letter finished by Monday after Thanksgiving.  We will have time to write in class tomorrow (Tuesday) and then we won't be drafting again in class.  

I really want the students to have Thanksgiving off from school-work, so if a little extra homework needs to be done tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday, you may want to be aware.

The bottom line: Please check with your kids and make sure they have a plan for getting their letter drafted by the Monday after Thanksgiving.  (Probably about four paragraphs and using four of the five types of SCOPE.)

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