Usually one or two night a week your child should have a little bit of reading homework.  They need to read on time and they need to understand what they read.  This might sound obvious, but for a number of students something isn't working.

Today we had a three question quiz covering obvious, basic facts from last night's reading.  Out of 21 students, seven didn't read, and nine more answered one of fewer questions correctly.  Hopefully, by working together we can make sure students are not only remembering their books and their homework, but also understanding what they read.

Sycamore has been updated with all Reading quizzes so far this year so you can see if there is a trend happening with your child.  

Please send me an email if you need further information or would like to work on a plan to improve your child's study skills.

Also, as you look at Sycamore, keep in mind that Reading is a standards-based class this year and students are not assessed based on the 100 point system, but on how well they understand concepts and demonstrate skills.  At this point, the overall grade you see is based only on your child's ability to summarize a narrative text using the story arc.  More content will follow shortly.

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