Hopefully, you knew we had a history test on Tuesday.  What you may not have heard is how well your child did on that test.  My estimate is that out of 38 questions most students missed between 10 and 13 questions, and while I didn't hear a word about what they thought about this at school, I imagine some of you may have had some strong reactions at home.  

Without actually seeing those reactions or even hearing specifics, my guess is that most of them are pretty well founded.  It was a very difficult test over a wide number of facts.  Also, a number of the questions on the test were testing knowledge of what were, in my opinion, less significant facts in the larger scope of Canadian history.

All that to say, the test proved to be unfair, so I took the top scores and made them the new total points possible.  If you look on Sycamore you will see the test is graded out of a total of 31 points now.

Please feel free to email or stop in with any questions.  

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