As of today, I have received all of the student's business letters.  If you haven't seen the feedback I gave your child yet, ask to have a look.  Most of the letters could stand to be revised on one way or another.  And since it takes us so long to go through the writing process, these major writing assignments stand for much more of a student's grade than other assignments.

When we get back from break, I would love to see that a number of students have taken my feedback and used it to improve their writing.  In fact, what is the point of all this feedback if students don't use it to improve?

In Language Arts, students can always turn in a paper a second or third time to demonstrate growth in some area.   If your child isn't sure how to add sentence openers, transitions, or something else, you can always use the Language Arts helpers at the top of the Helpful Tools page.  And of course, students can always set up a time to meet with me after break and get one on one instruction if they need it.

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