1.  Focus on one task at a time for limited amounts of time
Try staying completely focused on making your history review flashcards for 1 minute.  Then see if you can beat 1 minute and try for 1.5 minutes.  Fill in the amounts of time that make sense for you, your task and your environment.

2.  Get glucose
Self-control and glucose are apparently very connected.  When we run low on blood-sugar, self-control is harder.  To get glucose try 1) eating, 2) moving (which releases glucose from the liver), or 3) having strong emotions.  All of these things increase our blood sugar and, in turn, our capacity for self control.

3.  Make your to-do list actionable
Instead of writing "history test", write "make flashcards for sections 7.1-7.3".  Instead of writing "paint the bedroom", write "select and purchase paint at store".  Make sure you can do anything on your to-do list immediately.

These first three come from a monthly brain-science email sent by Eric Jensen.  I would add a fourth tip, though.

4.  Pray for the Holy Spirit
We know that self-control is one of the fruits of the spirit, so pray that he would work in you and be your helper.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would help you focus!

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