Our final large project for the year is definitely a big one.  We'll use a little bit of everything we've learned this year and throw it all together to see what you can do.  You'll have a chance to be very creative, to work on something that really matters to you, and to direct yourself as opposed to just trying to please your teacher.  Read on for the details.

Independently use the research process and the writing process to create a website designed to persuade your audience.

  1. Independently research your chosen topic, gathering, selecting, and sorting information.
  2. Write the equivalent of at least a five paragraph essay.  (Intro, three topics, conclusion)
  3. Use persuasive techniques such as SCOPE and logical arguments.
  4. Fully revise and edit your work using all the skills we've learned this year (sentence openers, transitions, who/which clauses, thesis statement, etc.)
  5. Design and build an appropriate and professional website to present your information.
  6. Independently manage your time and project to meet deadlines.


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