Memorizing locations on maps can be hard and time consuming, but I might have a solution that will make maps meaningful and fun for you.  Keep in mind, this is really just a preview and a test for what we might do later on this year, and right now only those of you who happen to have a google account can collaborate on this, but I thought sharing it would still be better than not sharing it.

Here's the deal: I've begun building "Map Mastery 2" in Google Maps and I've opened it up for collaboration.  If you would like to contribute to this group map, feel free.  If you would rather not contribute, but just look from a distance that's fine too.

To collaborate:
  1. sign in to your google account
  2. go to my Map Mastery 2 Map
  3. click "Save to My Maps" in the upper left hand corner(ish)
  4. click "Edit" in the upper left hand corner(ish)
  5. click on the blue marker in the upper left hand corner of the map
  6. start adding locations from Map Mastery 2 in your map book

Keep in mind, this is not your map.  It's our map.  If you purposefully mess this map up, it messes up everyone's.  If you write down the wrong locations, then everyone see's the wrong locations.  Feel free to make corrections if people add the wrong locations or to clean up the look of the map if others have added information sloppily.

Of, if you'd rather not deal with the rest of the class, you could just start your own.  I hope this is helpful.  Let me know how it works and feel free to comment on this post with suggestions for improvement.  

Most of all, have fun learning geography! 


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