Starting today we will be preparing for our first two tests of the year.  Next week, we will have a History test on Tuesday and a Spelling test on Wednesday.

Here are some tips:
Repeat important info over and over.  Start studying NOW.  Your brain is wired to remember things that are repeated over and over so studying a little bit each night works a lot better than cramming a whole bunch the night before.

Use many senses.  Your brain remembers rich experiences better than "simple" experiences.  In other words, if you can see your facts, say your facts, feel your facts, and smell your facts you will be more likely to remember them.  How do you feel your facts?  Well, I'm not sure exactly but you might try  some of these strategies:
- Outline your spelling words to feel the shape of them.  
- Try typing info as well as writing it down so your body gets more physical input associated with the facts.
- Try putting info on cards and physically sorting it into different categories.

Exercise.  Your brain works way better when you get the blood flowing.  When you are frustrated with studying maybe the best thing you could do is take a jump rope break.

Focus.  We all like to pretend like we can multi-task, but the truth is our brains can only give attention to one thing at a time.  When you switch constantly from your history book, to chatting online, to watching TV, your brain has to reset itself every time and you just can't remember as well.

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