A huge thank you to everyone who gave their input.  Your perspective is invaluable as we try to figure out what is best for you kids.

Looking at the results, the first thing that I notice is an astonishing range of perspectives.  Here is a quick summary:
  1. Many people thought expectations were very clear and communication was excellent, a handful of others thought expectations were frustratingly unclear.  
  2. Some people don't want to see the system used more widely, and a slightly larger portion did want to see they system used more widely.
  3. A number of people said they didn't feel like they knew enough to comment.

Mostly, though, it seems like people just need more information.  So, in an effort to not completely bombard your busy life with more blog posts on standards-based reporting, I've created a webpage you can refer to whenever you need more information.  The webpage will answer questions like:
  1. What does a "3" mean, anyway?
  2. How can I know what the expectations are?
  3. What's wrong with the way we've always done it?
  4. How does standards-based grading solve problems?
  5. What if A's are all that motivate a student?
  6. Isn't it unfair to expect a child to earn a "4"?
  7. What will stay the same regardless of the system we will use?
  8. What will be different?

It will also include a place for you to continue to voice your opinion and concerns.  I will answer those concerns that seem to rise to the top of the discussion. To view the webpage, click on the "Standards-Based Q&A" button at the top of our classroom webpage.

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