It's important to reflect on our past, so that we can learn from it, make adjustments and do better in the future.  Sometimes, though, reflection can be hard when our past is fuzzy.  

For example, do you know what your last four spelling test scores are?  Are you improving, getting worse, or staying about the same?  Sometimes, it can be hard to see what the scores on our tests mean to the bigger picture.

So, in an effort to help you reflect and improve your performance in the future, I've created a simple worksheet for you to track your progress.

Here's how to use it:

1.  Access the worksheet and make a copy for yourself and rename it with first your name.
2.  Sign in to Sycamore and get your Spelling Test percentages.
3.  Record those percentages into your worksheet and watch a progress graph be built.
4.  Do the same thing with your Vocab Quiz scores on the second page of the worksheet.
5.  Share the document with me so I can see your progress!  tmswedberg (at)
6.  Watch the video below if you don't get it. :)


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