We've had a slow start to our persuasive website project - partially due to things outside of my control and partially by design.  This project is going to be a big and it's going to be largely self-managed.  My hope is that by scheduling a few days where we won't be doing research it will give students who are having a difficult time getting started, time to get their feet under them, make some progress at home on their own time, and be set up for success once our project hits its full momentum in the middle of next week.

So, to be successful, by class-time next Wednesday (the 27th) each student should have at least the following done:

Settle once and for all on your big research subject.
Nuclear power or Pet Adoption?

Determine what your topics are going to be. 
How many will you have?  You need at least three, not including your introduction.

Have a list of at least five solid resources.
These can include websites, people, books, videos, etc.

Have a solid start on gathering information.
This is going to look a little bit different for every person.  If you only have three facts written down by next Wednesday, that's not enough.  If you have ten, you're probably okay.  If you have more than ten, that's really great.

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