This week in Language Arts we are going to begin drafting our research essays.  Today, we will start by focusing on drafting two body paragraphs.  As you write, be sure to pay careful attention to your conclusion sentences and your topic sentences.

Topic Sentences
The Rules:
  1. Always have a topic and a main point.
  2. Don't refer to your own writing.
  1. As a young man, Abraham Lincoln had a wide variety of career choice
  2. Statistics and numerous personal stories serve to highlight the importance of installing a traffic light at the intersection of 7th Street and Smith Avenue.
  3. This is about Abraham Lincoln's childhood. DON'T Do This

Conclusion Sentences in a Mulitple Paragraph Essay
The Rule:
  1. Each conclusion sentence should connect the content of one paragraph to the content of the next paragraph.
  1. Through successes and failures, Abraham Lincoln's early experiences contributed to his future success as President of the United States.
  2. Not only do statistics support the argument, but a number of personal stories support it as well.
  3. Clearly, statistics support the argument, but it is important to remember that each of those numbers is first and foremost a person.

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