Jacob got to miss school last Friday to go down to Harvest and help hand out fliers with his family.  He said it was a really cool experience.  Today, I noticed one of the photographers I follow posted a short video of pictures he took  there.

Sarah Heeringa
11/10/2010 12:12pm

It is amazing to see people come to Christ! This was an 11-month prepration and prayer of many churches across Washington. There were 39,000 people who attended over the three nights, and more than 160,000 watched live. On the last day - the Key Arena was packed to capacity, with people unable to find seats and watching on the tvs outside, and unfortunately, the doors closed and many were turned away. I and my sister-in-law had the opportunity to speak with people as a follow-up workers after they came forward, Seth and both my mom/dad/brother were supervisors for the ushering, and Saturday Jacob/Grant/Maddie were able to invite people from the UW campus to the crusade. It was an awesome time of fellowship, awesome to see God work, and truly an answer to prayers! I would encourage people to watch the archives at www.harvest.org!

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