If you haven't had a chance yet, take a second to check out some of the 6th graders' websites.  They did some very impressive work.

You can see websites on topics like cyberbullying, book content ratings, abortion, alternative power sources, and how to use videogames wisely, for a start.

The complete list is here, and on the sidebar under "quick links".
The Requirements:
All of the story arc must be present
Your story must be told from the first person in the form of journal entries
Your story must be at least ten entries long
Must be set during WWII

The Options:
Your journal entries may be poetry if you choose
Your story can be as long as you like
Think about including literary devices to make your story more interesting
Your websites aren't due for another week and a half (first thing Monday morning, June 6th), but as you near completion, you will want to be able to see everyone's websites.  Check out this spreadsheet to see the products of everyone's hard work!

Website Review


If you want to go through a checklist to see if your website is on the right track, check this one out!
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Our Websites



Conor's Website


As you finish building your website, take a second to look at Conor's website.  He's done a great job of organizing his information and creating a really good looking and user friendly website.  It's still a work in progress, but it's very professional.

His website address is http://bookcontentratings.weebly.com/
This blog post explains all the tactics Apple uses in its email to get you to buy their products.  They are trying to get their customers to take action, just like you are trying to get your readers to take action.

What can you learn from Apple?  How can you apply these lessons to your own website?

As you design your website, here are some questions you might ask yourself:
  - Are my fonts consistent throughout my site?  (Size, color, font, bold, etc.)
  - Is my site visually balanced or is everything on one side?
  - Do you include full web address as links, or do you just use words as links?
  - Is your information broken down in to bite sized pieces?
  - Are my page titles short?

More to come!
Check out this graphic to get some tips on how to design a great looking landing page, or the home page as we call it.

Click here to get your Revision Tracker.

As you revise, think about:
- strong and complete supporting details
- proper paragraph structure
- transitions
- sentence openers
- who/which clauses
- word choice
- proper voice
- grammar and punctuation