Cleaning Day


Yesterday, the kids took the last hour of the day to clean the school so that Alvin, our custodian, could have the night off as a surprise.  Have fun viewing the slideshow!

By the way, I'm going to try to show pictures of daily activities more often.  So you should know that according our records in the office all 6th grade students are permitted by their parents to have their pictures shown in media.  If this is a problem for you, please let me know, but more importantly, let the office know so they can change your status.
If you still haven't brought in your items for needy teens, make sure to do so by tomorrow (Thursday).  After that, it's too late!

Reading Blog Recap


Do this:
  1. Open your reading blog
  2. View the comments of every post to make sure they count
  3. Add up the page numbers from posts that count
  4. Fill out this form about your blog


It's Poetry Time!


Take some time to fill out the following poetry survey.  Parents, don't be shy!  Please feel free to fill this out as well.  It will be nice to get some more perspective!

Go to the form here.