Check out this Hanes Ad to see how advertisers used a metaphor to create humor and communicate an idea quickly.
The calendar page is accurate again.  I'm not sure what the problem was, but it's all better. :)

Tonight's Homework


Did you forget to write down tonight's homework in your planner?  Maybe you were absent and want to see what you missed?  Did you lose your spelling book and need to get the current list?

You might try 6th Grade Homework Central.  It is a blog Conor created that will tell the nights homework as well as list spelling lists and other study helpers.  It is still very early in it's development, but it looks very promising and very helpful.  Thanks a lot, Conor!

By the way, from now on you can get to 6th Grade Homework Central by going to the Helpful Tools page and finding it under "Organization Tools".

Don't forget to turn in your SCOPE business letter tomorrow.  As you revise, be thinking about:
- adverbs
- transitions
- banished words
- formal letter format  

If you lost any of those sheets, they can all be downloaded from the Helpful Tools page.

Finally, before you print out your letter, have a look at Alyssa's use of transitions in her SCOPE letter.  She did a pretty good job using them fluently and with variety.  Thanks for sharing, Alyssa!  View Alyssa's letter here.
Don't put too much faith in the Calendar Page at the moment.  Everything is shifted a couple days over.  I'll see if I can get Mr. Lewis to make it right. :)  Happy weekend!
On Monday, everyone needs to bring a photograph or an artifact from home.  It's best if you have some emotional attachment to it or it has some deeper meaning, like a necklace from your grandma or a photo of your dad when he looked a little like you do now.

We'll be using these artifacts on Monday to start writing a poem.  You'll need it right in front of you because you will be describing it.
This has nothing to do with anything we're doing in class, but it's fun!

Alvin Says Thanks


Check out this list of 52 things to do other than search on Google.