Bethlehem Star


Mr. Hubbard has been talking to the 6th graders the last couple days about the Christmas story and where some of our Christmas traditions come from.

'During his presentation, he recommended watching a movie called The Star of Bethlehem.  It's a fascinating movie that uses science and math to tack the stars and see if there is evidence for the the star that led the wise men to Jesus.  Here's a preview.
Tomorrow, (Thursday) we will be typing out our three final drafts of our poetry.  As you come to final draft form, please remember to meet these expectations.
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Also, keep in mind, you will need three printed final versions of your poems ready to go for class on Friday.  We will be using them to create poetry posters.
Here's a link to rhymezone.  It's a rhyming dictionary.

Google just released a feature that allows you to sort your search results into basic, intermediate, and advanced reading level.  Watch the video below to see how to do it.

For a Friday



Don't Forget


For homework this weekend, find a song you like and write down it's rhyme scheme.  Also, if you are feeling brave, share a draft of a poem with me by either email or docs.

We'll go over them on Monday!
Make sure to study ch. 6 and Map Mastery pages 41 and 47.
If you lost your permission slip, here's a copy to download and turn in.
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I just recieved an email from a parent who, like most of you, uses Feed My Inbox to view the updates on this blog.  She was concerned, though, that her inbox doesn't get fed fast enough and sometimes she doesn't get timely information until it's too late.

While I can't control how or when Feed My Inbox delivers blog posts to you, I can suggest a faster (and slightly more complicated) way of getting information.  You might try Google Reader.

Reader is another way of making blog posts come to you, but instead of checking your email, you check your Google Reader page.  Now, if this blog is the only one you are interested in, you might as well just check this website directly, but if you were interested in following some other blogs (Cooking, Couponing, Photography, Politics, Weather, etc.) you might try Reader.

Here is a 1 minute video introduction to Reader:
And for those who are still interested, here is a longer tutorial: