1.  Facts from Chapter 3 Checkup
2.  Locations from Map Mastery 4 (both maps)
3.  Matching: provinces/territories with their capitals
4. Two "Discussion" Questions
      - Write an informational paragraph about the Great Lakes.  Include at least three important facts.
     - Explain the Canadian system of government.  Include at least three important facts.

This weekend we "fall back" with Daylight Saving Time.  Do you know why?  Does it work?  Here's something fun for the weekend.

Movie Posters


Today, you will be creating a movie poster.  You can be very creative with this project and pretty much take it wherever you want.  You might not even do a movie poster.  Maybe you do more of an advertisement for your province.  The details and design are up to you.  Be creative and take some risks!

You poster must include:
- your logo
- your slogan
- at least one picture of something important or interesting in your province.

Here are some examples of movie posters that have a logo, slogan and picture to get you thinking:
This is a video Austin, Shania, Jacob, Andrew, and Stephanie worked together to create.    It is definitely not for the faint of heart.  So if you think you're up for it, crank up the volume, quite down those around you, and enjoy!
If you are confused about due dates of major projects or tests, don't forget to consult the Calendar page.  I try to remember to keep it updated with the big things.  Daily assignments are still the student's responsibility to keep track of, though.
Remember to be typing your Canada paragraph and have it printed out and ready to turn in at the beginning of the day on Friday.

Please do not come to school on Friday and tell me you still need to print your paragraph.  You can print at school on Thursday if needed.  If you need to print at school on Friday, your paragraph will be considered late.  Don't procrastinate!  Plan for technology problems!
We're going to have a pretty weird schedule these next few days, but we need to fit in a history test somehow so next week we will review on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, (no school Thursday) and then have the test on Friday.  Hopefully the day off will give people a chance to study as opposed to people forgetting about the test.

It will cover Ch. 3 and Map Mastery 4 (both maps).
Don't forget you need to make sure all of your posts are correct to be counted for the pages you've read.  Check to see if Mr. Swedberg has commented on your posts to see if they count.

Mark Money


Remember to grab some money to give to Mark, the child we sponsor, as you grab your bake-sale money for tomorrow!

(Parents: Every Wednesday, when we do pizza and bake sale, your child also has the opportunity to donate some money to help Mark, a boy all of the students sponsor through Childcare Worldwide.)