Roller Coasting


I thought some of you might like this.  You can design (a little bit) your own roller coaster.
Check out Dropbox.  The 2 GB service is free and allows you to share files very quickly and easily between two or more computers.  It automatically backs up, syncs files between computers, and allows you to go back in time to view previous versions.  It's a very cool and very efficient system.

You can find a link to it in the Helpful Tools page.
You might consider creating an account at Conceptua Math.  This site contains a number of activities that will help you visualize what all those math problems mean.  It might be just what you need to prepare for next year.

There is also a link to this site now on the Helpful Tools page.
The Requirements:
  • All of the story arc must be present
  • Your story must be told from the first person in the form of journal entries
  • Your story must be at least ten entries long
  • Must be set during WWII
The Options:
  • Your journal entries may be poetry if you choose
  • Your story can be as long as you like
  • Think about including literary devices and symbolism to make your story more interesting
The following is a slideshow I created to introduce the idea of standards-based reporting at our parent meeting tonight.  Hope it helps!

Goal Setting


I was researching fun ways to set and track goals and I came across Goal for It.  It's a pretty cool service that allows you to set goal, set small steps to achieve them, and also track them.

There are also some other cool options like something that helps you form good habits, and a to do list application.

If you use it, let me know what you think in the comments.  I'm thinking of using it next year.
You will use the following resources to complete your historical fiction writing assignment.  Download them and save them on your hard drive or your Google Docs account.

Story Expectations

File Size: 29 kb
File Type: doc
Download File

Prewriting: Gathering Historical Info

File Size: 49 kb
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Download File

Prewriting: Planning a Story Arc

File Size: 39 kb
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