We're going to try another way of doing research today.  Your task is to gather information as a group and turn in one final product at the end of class.

One of the big challenges you will have today will be to decide how to share information with each other.  You might use email, google docs, talking to each other or something else.
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Something Fun


You've been working hard on your website.  Why not take a break and create your own beatbox-based song?  

Or... you could squish some beans...

WWII Resources



A Map-Timeline of WWII

FDR's Pearl Harbor Address

Other Resources to Explore

Conflict History
A Map of when and where all the battles of WWII happened
FDR's Decisions
A timeline of FDR's key decisions during WWII
The Atomic Bomb
A timeline of the development and use of the atomic bomb

Revising Websites


In addition to revising for fluency and organization on your website, think about these new aspects of revision that are more closely connected to website creation:

Consistent Text
Make sure to use capital letters, headings, bold words etc consistently throughout your site.

Home Page Hook
How are you going to grab your readers attention with the first thing they see?  Can I tell what your point is within 3 seconds of being on your site?  Do I want to keep reading?

Credit and Links
Make sure to give credit and link to content you get from others.
Two days ago, we discussed what the expectations for your SCOPE websites should be.  I've taken all of your suggestions and combined them into three larger categories:

Ideas and Content
Fully developed (at least three paragraphs) ideas
Persuasive ideas
Ideas in your own words

Fluency, Clarity and Structure
Sentence Openers
Who/Which Clauses
Word Choice

Use of Website Capabilities
Since EtherPad is no longer allowing new pads to be created, here are a couple alternatives (clones) we might try as a class:


In the past, we've tried these two with no success:


WWI Overview