We had a great deal of fun today with all the skits that were presented.  I plan on posting them one at a time over the next few days so that they can each have the full spotlight for a while.  For now, here are some pictures from today.
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This Friday from 2:30-3:30, we are having a farewell reception for Ms. Tkacsik.  A table with cookies and a basket for students & families to put in cards will be set up in the foyer.  Families, please feel welcome to show up during this time to thank her for all her service.
1.  Fully explain two causes of the Civil War.

2.  In the Gettysburg Address, why did Abraham Lincoln say our country started in 1776 (four score and seven years ago) and not 1789?
Some of the girls gave book critiques today on different books in the series called The Epic Order of the Seven.  Jordan wanted me to point out that more information on the series and the next book coming out is available at the official website.

That's right, we're going out with a bang.  In order to give you as much time as possible to prepare, we will be having our Civil War history test the day before Spring Break.  It isn't ideal, but it's better than forgetting everything over 9 days of break and then coming back to take the test.  Also, I want your break to be a true break.  I don't want you to have to worry about an upcoming test.

If you are leaving for Spring Break early and won't be at school that Friday, I highly encourage you to take your test early.
Your Task
Write and produce a three minute (minimum) skit which places Anne and at least one other character from Anne of Green Gables in an unfamiliar setting or situation. 

Anne of Noah’s Ark
Anne of Bellingham Christian School
Anne bakes cookies

Groups of five
Costumes and Props
Script written out
At least 3 minutes
Follow the story arc (exposition, rising action, climax, resolution)

Pick a normal situation and examine how Anne would make it very abnormal.
How would Anne interact with technology that wasn’t around in the book?
How would Anne interact in another book we’ve read?
How would Anne behave during some historical event?

You know the earthquake in Japan?  Did you know that so far it's actually been not one but 664 earthquakes since March 11th?  Go to japanquakemap.com to see how frequently and how heavily the earthquakes in Japan were striking.