Today we will be teaching our pals to tell time.  Follow this link to find the website we will be using.

Start by showing your pal how the clock works.
Say a few easy times like, "1:00" and show them how to find that on the clock.
Then give them a chance to try to find "easy" times.
If they can easily find the easy times, try to slowly make it is a little bit harder for them.

Jam Studio


Emi's Anything Project today was created in part using Jam Studio.  It is a free service on the internet that allows you to create your own song using a number of different instruments.  Have fun!



This is an interesting way to search the internet.  It might be helpful in finding out the important ideas surrounding your subject.

Basically, after your initial search on SortFix, you can then simply add and subtract elements of your search and see quickly the changes in the results.

Probably the most powerful part of SortFix is the "Power Words" box.  According to the site, "these words, retrieved by SortFix algorithms will advance your search in the most significant way." 

Give it a try.  It's simple and might help you see an important topic you've missed.

Spelling City


I think many of you have used this Spelling City before, so I just wanted to remind you that  it can be a helpful and different way to spend time learning your spelling words.  It is up in the Helpful Link Section now.

Just type in your list, and then study, be tested, or play a number of different games based on your words.



This is a little late for Anything Projects, but I just came across this web application that allows you to upload photos, videos, and text to create a music video... or suppose any type of video.

The site is called Flixtime and it now has a link in the "Helpful Links" section.  You might want to use it to extend your Anything Project just for fun, or you just might want to have some fun with it.

If you end up creating something, let me know!  I want to see what you come up with.
For a chance to answer a burning question from class today, check out the "Going Deeper" section of this website.  Be sure to add your input by 7:45am tomorrow morning for a chance at extra credit.

Sweet Search


Sweet Search is a search engine designed especially for students.  Instead of searching billions of websites, Sweet Search searches about 35,000 approved websites.  So instead of getting results that include unreliable, unsafe, inappropriate, or unhelpful websites, you get safe, reliable, student friendly results.

Try it out now for your research project.  There is a link in the "Helpful Links" section of our class website, or you can read more about it here.
Technology problems happen to everyone.  Often those problems have to do with not being able to transfer a short story, a set of poems, or a PowerPoint presentation from your home computer to the school.

I've tried to make those problems a little easier to solve in some cases.  Now, if you printer isn't working, or you don't have a flash drive to bring your project to school, you can just click the "Upload Assignments" button in the top menu and you can send your work to me that way.

Going Deeper


You will notice in the menu of our classroom website a page called  "Going Deeper".  This will be a place for students (and interested parents) to answer the occasional question posted by me.  Student answers will require higher level thinking and might involve commenting on other students' responses.
This will be a place to check back a couple times a week or to put in your RSS Reader.  I will routinely post short updates, information, questions, etc.  Treat this front page of this website like an interactive classroom newsletter for parents and students.